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  1. Giggle Doctor

    Giggle Doctor


    They say that laughter is the best medicine, so give the gift of a giggle! Our wonderful Giggle Doctors help our patients to find their smile, bringing chuckles and fun to bedsides each week. Learn More
  2. Sing-a-long session

    Sing-a-long session


    Music and singing can help well-being, stimulating and calming patients as well as aiding development and self-confidence. Learn More
  3. 'Distraction’ bag

    'Distraction’ bag


    Some patients may find it stressful waiting for treatment or an appointment which is why we provide distraction bags to introduce welcomed entertainment during such times. Learn More
  4. Baskets of sensory toys

    Baskets of sensory toys


    A gift of £75 will buy a basket of sensory toys for children with epilepsy or learning difficulties. Learn More
  5. Anxiety Care Packages x 10

    Anxiety Care Packages x 10


    Many children and young people who attend our Emergency Department have multiple complex needs and have difficulties with long waiting times and busy surroundings. Learn More
  6. 125 Activity packs

    125 Activity packs


    A gift of £200 will buy 125 activity packs in our Emergency Department to keep kids entertained while waiting. Learn More
  7. Wall-mounted activity table

    Wall-mounted activity table


    A gift of £300 will pay for a wall-mounted activity table for a waiting room. Learn More
  8. ‘Glide-away bed’

    ‘Glide-away bed’


    A gift of £700 will fund a special ‘glide-away bed’ so parents can sleep next to their child. Learn More
  9. Specialist equipment

    Specialist equipment


    A gift of £1000 will go towards funding a new piece of specialist equipment. Learn More

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